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After Leanna made several attempts to murder Ashley with a poisoned lei, Ashley spent most of her honeymoon sick.Ashley never found out about Leanna's connection to Stephen nor that she tried to murder her.John eventually found her there and returned her to a posh private institution near Genoa City.

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Victor's daughter Victoria returned as a teenager from her Swiss boarding school, determined to break up her father's new marriage.Leanna followed them back to Genoa City and became the infamous, wacky Leanna Love, aka Nora Randall, author of "Ruthless," the expose on Victor which included a chapter on his affair with Ashley and the resulting abortion.Stephen and Ashley's marriage was short-lived when he was murdered by another deranged former patient.Then former country club tennis pro Brent Davis returned to town and began an affair with Dina's friend Katherine "Kay" Chancellor.When he found out he was dying he wanted to reveal to Ashley that he had been Dina's lover and was Ashley's real father!

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