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The Baile de los Negritos Colmilludos is unique to the "Villa Alta" sierra near the historic pueblo of Yalalag and the dance is well documented in paintings dating from the 19th century.

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Glass High School, 2,340 students have enrolled for classes in September, well over the 1,300-student capacity of school, and some more students at least will be registered by time school starts. Kennedy.)February 8, 1964 - Beatle Fever Goes to Their Heads - The Beatles, Britain's beatnik quartet that sports rag mop hairdos and guitars, have been in the U. less than 24 hours, but some Lynchburg merchants have already begun to cash in on the Beatlomania fever that is sweeping the U. May 6, 1965 - Rehearsing Senior Play - Pat King, left, tries to sell the contents of his locker to get some money during today's rehearsal of a scene from "What a Life,"' a play which will be presented by the senior class at E. Glass High School in the school's auditorium at 8 p.m. Kevin King is in the center and the other player is Laura Davis. 20, 1953 - Plan Glass High Cornerstone Laying - The portrait of E. Glass provides appropriate background for a conference yesterday of the committee in charge of arrangments for the cornerstone laying at the new E. Glass High School, since it is one of the few mementoes of the old Glass High which is carried to the new. Others, left to right, are: Carolyn Reid, treasurer; Wistar Nelligan, vice president; Bobby King, president, and Margaret Dameron, secretary.(The date and caption on this photo are confusing, because it refers to the laying of the cornerstone, but by February of 1953 construction was well underway.) July 19, 1953 - To Check Auditorium Today - The lobby of the new Municipal Auditorium at the new E. Glass High School is a graceful preview of the auditorium design. The operation required about 15 minutes this forenoon climaxing a year and a half of barren skies over the high school. Glass High School are busy putting final touches on exhibits and performances of ninth annual Achievement Night to be held from to p.m.