Awkward dating questions

"This isn't so much a question as a socialization philosophy.I like to be as real as possible with people on a first date. Recently, it was 'What's your relationship with your family like? .) One of the most notable features of these magazines was the inevitable relationship column where readers would write in and ask for advice."Maybe it's a little boring, but I always like to ask where someone works, or what they do for a living.I feel like it opens the conversation and then you can find out if they're passionate about what they do, and if not, what they would If you could visit any time period in all of history, what would it be?Now that I am several decades older, I not only think it was harsh but downright wrong.While I am not an expert on relationships and will never claim to be, I have been in and seen enough of them to know that avoiding so-called awkward questions typically ends badly.

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While many people are unaware they have or had an STD, a surprising number do and fail to inform their new partners.Or they grew up with all famous people, which would also be very interesting? "Not going to lie, I usually look up my matches on social media before we go on a date, but I like to know what they think of social media in general. "It gives me a sense of how they grew up and also how they handle a big, stressful, life-changing situation.Are they the type to want to Snapchat everything we do? "If money and vacation time off from work weren't any issue, I like to ask where you would travel with: your best friend, your love, and by yourself. It usually ends up coming up in conversation, but I find myself steering it that way, and then asking when it seems right or normal to."What's your most embarrassing New York City story?Speaking from personal experience, some of my most disastrous relationships could have ended sooner or even been avoided had I set aside niceties and asked questions.I’m not suggesting that the following be brought up on the first or even second date, but below are some questions which should be asked, ideally, right before we get serious with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

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